Tuesday, July 9, 2013

I Knew Who I Was This Morning, But I Have Changed a Few Times Since Then

Make Something Monday has moved to Tuesday this week because I am giving this project as a set of gifts, and I did not want to post them until after I had been able to give them to the recipients.

Maybe I have trouble keeping up with things these days.  I have sticky notes, notes on calendars, notes on scratch pads, and multiple reminders of upcoming events on both my phone and iPad.  It makes me sad, because I used to be able to memorize my entire grocery list when shopping, without having to write a thing down.  I guess it's just part of getting older.

However, trying to stay organized and on top of things is what inspired this project.  I needed to give gifts to some fellow board members, and I decided to make them to-do boards (based on the prayer memo board that I have previously made).  I used cookie sheets from the dollar store, scrapbook paper,round magnets, decorative rocks,  and ribbon.  They are really easy projects, and I enjoy making them.

I drilled holes and added ribbon in case they wanted to hang the boards on a wall, but also glued four of the round magnets on the back corners so that they could be hung on filing cabinets, desks, or the fridge.

It helps to get the paper in more securely if you round corner the corners, but I am sure you could skip that step if you needed to.  A spray adhesive or a spreadable glue that you could brush on would work much better than what I tried to use for this project.  Buttons and scrap costume jewelry pieces are great embellishments for projects like this.

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