Sunday, July 1, 2012

Let's Hear It For the Boy, Let's Give the Boy a Hand

Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband, Deputy D!  In honor of his birthday, I thought I would list 31 reasons that I love him, although there are many more than that!

31.  He called me for a second date, even though it turns out I was not a blonde.
30.  He likes dogs and small children.
29.  He makes a point to learn my favorite things, and makes sure I have them on a regular basis.
28.  He is my complete opposite, and balances me out in so many ways.
27.  He lets me clutter up the house, because he knows clutter makes me happy.
26.  He married me despite strong discouragement from other people in his life.
25.  He picked me up and carried me, even when I was 100 pounds heavier.
24.  He gave up his sports car so that I could have my dream car.
23.  He doesn't mind when I spend money on girly things (shoes, clothes, etc.)
22.  He makes a mean grilled cheese.
21.  He puts gas in my car for me.
20.  He thinks things though before taking action.
19.  He likes to spoil  me and makes it clear that my happiness is important to him.
18.  He helps my parents whenever he can.
17.  He makes it his mission in life to get me every little thing I mention that I want.
16.  He looks really nice in uniform.
15.  He served in the Marines.
14.  He likes fast cars and video games.
13.  He encourages me, and tells me I can do anything that I set my mind to.
12.  He immediately comes to help me whenever he sees me struggling with anything.
11.  He compliments me on my "lady-like" sneezes.
10.  He let me decorate the bedroom with purple paint and Bella's comforter.
9.  He puts up Christmas lights for me in October.
8.  He brings me a cup of coffee every morning when he is up before me.
7.  I feel safe when I am with him.
6.  He gets me a Barbie every year for Christmas.
5.  He takes me dancing, even though he doesn't really enjoy it.
4.  He lets me have control of the remote control when I am home.
3.  He is an amazing father to Little Man.
2.  He cleans house.
1.  He loves me unconditionally, even when I am being Emo Marie.

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