Thursday, July 19, 2012

Fourth of July Cupcakes

I was volunteered to make dessert for a 4th of July party we were attending.  I had been craving cupcakes, so I made a batch of both chocolate and vanilla cupcakes.  Yes, I cheated and used boxed cake mix.  I had some pretty red, white, and blue liners, but did not think just using the liners was fancy enough for the party.  So I laid out the cupcakes in a rectangle and used red, white, and blue icing to make a flag design.  I even used store-bought icing and just added in food coloring, so it was a quick and easy project.  I didn't have the gel coloring on hand, so I used liquid food coloring.  I hate that I can't get colors as vibrant that way, but it's what I had.  I think they turned out cute, and I hope everyone enjoyed the cupcakes!

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