Thursday, July 5, 2012

Ice Cream and Cake and Cake

Deputy D really like ice cream cakes, so I decided to try and make him one for his birthday.  Yes, once again I perused Pinterest for ideas and then just went off and decided to make up something on my own.

I used a chocolate cake mix that he picked out, and baked it in two 8" round cake pans.  I baked the cakes according to the package directions.

While they were cooling, I put the ice cream on the counter to soften.  I should have put the first cake layer in the freezer before starting to assemble, but that's what I get for not following directions.

Anyway, I used a 8" Springform pan and lined it with two pieces of plastic wrap.  I put the first cake in the bottom and then put in a layer of softened ice cream.  You could mix and candy, fruit, or nuts into the ice cream, but I left it plain.

I put the cake back into the freezer for about an hour and then added the second cake layer.  I put back into the freezer for another hour, and then added the final ice cream layer and put it in the freezer overnight.

I added a final frosting layer of whip cream because regular buttercream tends to be too sweet for both me and Deputy D.  To make it pretty, I added chocolate chips to the top.  Then, I put the cake back into the freezer until we were ready to eat.

Remove the cake 30-45 minutes before eating.

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