Sunday, April 22, 2012

Read the Directions Carefully

So, I am always giving Deputy D (and most guys in general) grief about not reading the directions when starting something.  They look at the directions, read the first couple of lines, think "I got this", throw the directions down, and then proceed to start the project and then get frustrated when it doesn't work like it should.  I have been extremely frustrated with my attempts to make bread from scratch, knowing that there was some key element missing, but not sure what that would be.

Well, today I emptied out a jar of yeast and was taking the label off so that I could re-use the jar for something.  And what do I see?  Top line of directions in all capital letters... Measure yeast and bring  to room temperature before using.  WELL NO ONE TOLD ME THAT!!!!  Lesson learned, and next time I catch Deputy D not reading the directions, I will have to keep my mouth shut because apparently I am guilty of the same thing.

Yesterday, in the midst of my frustration over not being able to find a tortilla press anywhere in town, Deputy D shared a funny story to try and cheer me up.  So for those of you that might have known about Emo Marie and the Quest for a Baby, you might know that the doctors had me tracking...well...let's just say "things" closely.  So me, being a big advocate of "there's an app for that", downloaded a couple of different apps to help me do that.  I changed the settings on Little Man's iPod the other day to update everything, and I guess I forgot to change them back.  Because when I updated my stuff, it added some things to his iPod that were not for him.

On the way to drop Little Man off on Friday, Deputy D noticed that he was huffing and puffing and sighing (which, if you know him, means that he would like you to ask him what's wrong) and angrily tapping his finger on the iPod.  Here is how the conversation went:

Deputy D - "What's wrong?"
Little Man - "I have been trying and trying to figure out this game and I just can't make it work!!"
Deputy D - "Well, what game is it?"
Little Man - "I dunno... The name says IP Free."  (I will let you go look up what that stands for.)
Deputy D (Laughing) - "Little Man, your mom and I have been trying to figure out that game for a couple of years and have not had any luck.  I am sure she did not mean to put that on there for you when she updated the iPod.  I'm sure it was an accident and is just a Momma game."
Little Man (More Huffing and Puffing) - "Well she needs to quit putting her games on my iPod."
Deputy D - "I will let her know."

I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.  But, it did get my mind off the tortilla press, and we headed home where I proceed to make non-circular but extremely yummy homemade tortillas for the enchiladas.  There was not a circular one in the bunch, but Deputy D didn't complain as he was chowing down on dinner.

Church was really good today.  When I got home, I started a batch of sourdough bread in the bread machine.  We will see if it turns out better than last time.  For lunch, we had Italian Crescent Casserole and Sea Salt and Vinegar Potatoes.  Both were really delicious and extremely easy to prepare.  For the potatoes though, I will change up the recipe a little when I make them next time.  The malt vinegar did not really "stick" to the round potatoes.  I will probably smash them up a bit before adding the vinegar, or I will cut them in half before roasting in the oven.

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