Sunday, April 29, 2012

Never Put Off Until Tomorrow What You Can Do Today

...Or tomorrow's list of chores will end up being twice as long!!

I have been really tired the past few days and have not kept up around the house like I should have.  And guess what that means.  When I get around to doing it, I will have even more work to do because I am so far behind.

Little Man and I got up a little earlier this morning, and tried Sunday School at the new church.  It was an ok class and pretty good service but me, but Little Man had an amazing time.  He was flying high when I went to get him from children's church.  Which is a really good thing for him!  His Sunday School teacher even made a point of stopping me after church and telling me how much they enjoyed having him and how she hopes to see him again soon.

Deputy D worked last night, so it was just me and Little Man this morning.  It's hard going to church without him, I really miss him and we still do not really know anyone.  I wish that churches had a really good way for newcomers to meet new people and get involved.  I have been trying, but putting myself out there in new situations is not one of my strengths.  But that is a rant for another day.

Before we left for church, I had started lunch in the Crock-Pot.  I found a recipe in a cookbook not to long ago for pulled pork that was really simple.  Put pork tenderloin in the Crock-Pot, pour in root beer, cook for 5-6 hours, drain and replace root beer with BBQ sauce, cook 30 more minutes, shred, and serve on buns.  I am not a fan of root beer, so I subbed cola.  It was tender and juicy, but WAY too sweet for my tastes.  I am more of a tangy gal when it comes to BBQ.  I just don't like sweet BBQ sauces.  So this time, I just cooked it in Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce the whole six hours, and it turned out great.  Please excuse the picture of the half-eaten sandwich below.  I was in such a hurry to taste it, I forgot to stop and take a picture until I was halfway through.

I served on sourdough bread (I forgot to get buns at the store) that I sliced up and toasted a bit in the oven.  It's actually a bread machine recipe, but I got tired of the short, squat little loaves the bread machine was churning out, so I used the dough setting and the pulled it out, formed a round loaf and let it rise a bit more before cooking it in the oven.  This was really late last night, so again, I forgot to snap a picture of the loaf before I cut into it.  I think I will need to cook at a higher temperature next time, because the crust did not brown as much as I would have liked.  But since I was totally making it up as I went along and ignoring the recipe, I think it turned out alright.  (The last two pictures are how the loaves come out from the bread machine.  The first one is the sliced up version from last night.)

For a side, I served my Momma's potato salad.  I wish I could share the recipe, but there is not really an exact science to it.  At least, she has never written it down for me.  You cut up potatoes, boil them until fork tender in salted water, drain, add a plop of mayo, squirt some yellow mustard, salt and pepper to taste, and then throw in some chopped onions, dill pickles, and boiled eggs.  Mix all together and let sit for a while before serving.  It's better to let it refrigerate overnight.  The flavors really come out more that way.  And everything is really just to taste... We are constantly taste-testing as we go along.

For dessert, blackberry cobbler.  Of course, served warm with Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla ice cream.

I better stop procrastinating and go finish clipping my coupons and get started on the house or my list will be three times as long tomorrow.  Until next time!

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