Monday, August 6, 2012

Make Something Monday - Star Wars Pillow and Pillow Case

To go along with the curtains in Little Man's room, I made a small pillow and a pillow case for his body pillow.  A pillow was the very first thing I learned to sew, so there was not nearly as much heartache involved in this project as there was with the curtains.

For the pillow case, I used his current case and cut the fabric a bit bigger.

Next, I sewed a hem for the opening, and then stitched down a length of velcro that covered the entire width of the opening.

 Finally, with the inside facing out, I stitched the bottom and the long side closed.  Then I just flipped it right-side out, put the pillow in, and closed the velcro.

For the small pillow, I just trimmed out my remaining fabric to a small rectangle shape.  Again, with the inside facing out, I stitched around all edges, leaving just about a 1/2" hole for stuffing.  I flipped the fabric right-side out and stuffed the pillow as full as possible.

Once it was completely stuffed, I just hand-stitched the hole closed. 

Little Man loves the small pillow because he can stuff it anywhere to get comfortable, and he often uses it on the floor when watching TV.  And it only took about 20 minutes total to complete!

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