Monday, June 11, 2012

Make Something Monday - Melted Crayons

When I was really little, I accidentally left a box of crayons on the dashboard of my mom's van.  Being that it was the middle of summer in Texas, you can probably imagine what happened next.  To this day, I think the resulting multicolored blob of melted crayons was really cool, but my mom was not as thrilled.

Imagine my surprise when I was perusing Pinterest one day and discovered that people were melting crayons in ovens and hot cars on purpose!  I immediately knew that it would be one of the summer projects I did with Little Man.

Side note...  This website ( has lots of really cool crafts and activities for kids.  You should check it out!

When I found a silicone star-shaped ice tray at Target for $1.00, I knew the time was right to try the project.  Being that it is once again the middle of summer in Texas, I decided to forego the oven or car dashboard, and just set the tray out on the table on the patio.  Not surprisingly, the crayons melted just fine.

Little Man and I removed the paper from all of his broken and unwanted crayons.  This took some time and was tedious.  I am glad that we ended up with plenty of extras for future projects.

I gave Little Man the choice of mixing the colors, or just making solid-colored stars.  He wanted to mix the colors, so that's what we did.  We broke the crayons up into small pieces, and placed them in the mold.

I sat the mold on the back porch, in a couple of hours the crayons were completely melted.

I brought the tray in and popped it in the fridge for about 30 minutes.  Except for a couple of the points, the stars popped out of the tray with ease and without breaking.

The tray cannot be used again for food purposes, but I am ok with that.  It was only a dollar after all!

Little Man was amazed when he started coloring and could lay down more than one color with just one stroke of his amazing multicolored crayons.

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